Hulk ★★★★


"You know what scares me the most? When it happens, when it comes over me... and I totally lose control, I like it."

A powerfully forceful piece of art with a clear, thoughtful vision for sincere introspection which numerous comic book films lacked at the time. Hulk dives into the inability to overcome control within repression after subconscious and the dramatic depth both may contain. The extreme suffering and pain of being a monster alongside the complex consequences that follow - fear for life. Dealing with the impressive matters in the story instead of brainless smashing, Ang Lee draws the out of control lines for fleshed out development to a marvelously explored standpoint. Even when caught up in his sweet visual style, he emulates effective themes across each well-constructed backstory and relationship while connecting them in the end. And the editing is bloody great. Can't believe I stayed away from this for as long as I did due to what people have said. Utterly destroys and sends The Incredible Hulk back to the green hell it came from.

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