Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I’m not sure this entirely works. And I’m not sure it doesn’t. It’s an entertaining journey into the Hollywood of 1969. QT’s attention to minutiae should entertain any film-obsessed viewer looking for background details. The relationship between Booth and Dalton makes these characters real and charismatic by way of their differences. Their dreams and their realities. But where QT sometimes stumbles is becoming bogged down with dialogue and details when the movie needs momentum. As much as I loved individual scenes the first half of the movie often crawls toward its certain destination — the night of the Manson murders at Polanski’s house. I felt — dare I say — bored at times, at least until OUATIH begins its final grisly descent. There’s so much to love that I feel burdened by that feeling of boredom. Like I’ve failed the movie. Despite the feeling that the film needed a few minor trims during a specific sequence I still walked away with the sense that I’d seen something messy, but mostly extraordinary.

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