Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★½

I am giving all of my stars to the optic experience of this film as it was visually stunning! Gorgeous colours, beautiful shots and settings; Roger Deakins deserves an Oscar for the pure visual scope and cinematic experience he's created as this is one of the best-looking films I've seen this year.

But...I can see why a reviewer said this film "felt like it was made by a replicant" as underneath all the beauty and the glamour and the perfection, there's nothing really there. There is an almost flatness to the story, a feeling like the threadbare lines of plot are dragged out into 2 hours 44 minutes. Even the characters themselves have the same feeling of flatness to them. I felt like everyone in the film was a replicant. My feeling at the end of watching this film was that there was more heart in Roy Batty's end soliloquy in the first Blade Runner ("All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain; Time to Die) than there was in this entire film.

And can I just say that's it's good to see things still suck so bad for women in the future! I mean this film felt like it was made for men as most of the female roles were there for men (to be their virtual reality sexy girlfriends; to be young and pretty prostitutes; to be the replicant "Luv" of a crazy creator who slaughters his beautiful female creations like barren cattle). It felt like most of the women in this future world were made to please/serve men or to serve as plot devices. Even all the advertising and architecture highlighted this (giant naked cgi girls; giant naked statues of females placed in provocative positions). Let's just say as a female I found it disheartening to see no older women, no real women of agency (except for the role Robin Wright had before she is callously murdered, and the 2 second screen time of a one-eyed sect leader), and to see nothing in this Blade Runner world that was geared toward women in any way.

Now I'm not saying the first film was perfect but we did get to spend some real time with female characters in the original (Sean Young's character, Darryl Hannah's character) that provided a more intimate and in-depth character study. This film was made like 35 years later. It's sad to see that even in the cinematic world women can't get ahead.

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