Girls Nite Out

Girls Nite Out ★★½

The quality of a slasher seems to be directly linked to how unique or terrifying the killer looks. Has there ever been a great slasher where it was just some person without a costume or "look"? You might say Black Christmas, but the look of that killer is that he has no look. The only one I can think of is the original Friday the 13th, but honestly I wouldn't describe that as a classic necessarily. The perception of the series rests on that hockey mask, and if the sequels didn't exist, there are better alternatives to Friday, namely The Burning

Anyway, the killer in Girls Nite Out wears a bear mascot costume and kills people with a block of wood onto which four steak knives are mounted. And he screams "BITCH" and "YOU WHORE" as he mauls people's throats with his weird steak knife paw. Classy.

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