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    As he tends to do, Eli takes an innovative idea and leans as hard as he can into it, for better or worse. This Roth documentary on the shark massacre is gruesome, and I can’t help with Roth’s horror background that it’s gratuitous, as so many of the shots are similar. Ultimately this is the first big exposé piece on the shark trade that will certainly bring a lot of knowledge and appreciation of sharks and the protection they provide…

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  • A Nightmare Wakes

    A Nightmare Wakes


    Even if this were mediocre I wanted so bad to at least remotely enjoy it. 2021 has given us nothing good in horror so far (that I’ve seen) and these shudder originals get sadder and sadder. 

    The first half of this thing is just the whole cast neck kissing each other (I’m sure this sounds tight but the movie manages to somehow achieve the unthinkable and make it egregious, earning it half a star) and shots of the water with the…

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    This is more a review of myself than it is the film, and my hubris of choosing to see in theaters what I could have enjoyed (probably a whole lot more) on a streaming platform I already had. 

    My town just got a new imax theater where I saw Nobody, and loved it. “I’ve GOT to see Mortal Kombat here when it comes out!” I thought to myself. Today was the day. I avoided any extended trailers, as well as…