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  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • Fresh Kill
  • Undine

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  • Blues


  • Priya


  • Counting Crows: August & Everything after


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  • Maudie



    split dewed up skies
    on your upper lip
    since your mouth won't open for weeks
    i'm just waiting for some hot tempo 
    under wormed up java grounds 
    they're squirming, swirling
    there's no resurgence in the thickness
    and reassurance is just air through the nose now
    dirt dusked nature gives no fucks
    for any tender silhouette
    it'll wrap itself in wind
    sputtering earthquakes of bass
    those words are baritone favors
    stuffed with cloth or preserved with salt
    in rooms with books of something stifling
    i'll just open my screen door 
    should spring breezes sing to know.

  • Two for the Road

    Two for the Road


    need more anti nuclear family movies like this

Popular reviews

  • The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions


    the matrix at its most shameless;

    neo's relationship with himself is what determines his fate, and not the other way around like in the predecessors. in this, neo becomes fully formed and identifiable by not his capabilities, but everything else. the matrix revolution is able to focus on the universality of love, its affinities to survival, and how it holds agent smith hostage until finally breaking him in the climax. masterful!

  • Dolls



    This was one of the last movies Nwoye and I watched together, and today I felt the urge to watch it again. Looking at my previous review on this I didn't realize how much it resonates. I have a list of movies he made for us to see that I will be watching alone now. I am no good at putting my thoughts into words, and no words can really incapsulate how amazing a person is, so I will just…