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  • Antiporno



    Great party movie! What a great suggestion I made.
    Everyone was shocked and noone wanted to talk to me after the showing. 😇

  • The Redsin Tower

    The Redsin Tower


    I was curious to find out what the August Underground director could do with some budget and more than a MiniDV camera in his hands so I checked this out.

    Kinda impressed with the camerawork and the editing! I liked it!

    It was surprisingly ok.
    Dialogues were terrible and nothing was going on for too much time in the middle of the movie, but the last 20 minutes made up for that.
    This is a good proof that plots are…

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  • August Underground

    August Underground

    Pure torture porn.
    No guts nor soul. No plot.
    Boring and not shocking at all.
    Nothing graphic onscreen neither.
    Pretty much just a big waste of time.

    Kinda better if you do a little of roleplay and pretend really hard that this is a real found-footage snuff VHS.

    Still gonna watch the second episode soon, fucking fomo.

    #166 position (the last one lol) in my Fucked Up Shit Movie List

  • Martyrs



    So glad I've rewatched this after so many years, changing my opition about it!

    Really bloody and graphic, but mostly: Sad.

    I haven't much to say. It's a very powerful cinematic experience that punches you in the guts at every punch you see on screen, keeping it real and emotional without ever touching ironic levels of "torture porn" like in Saw or other bullshit movies like that.

    An absolute must-watch.

    #25 position in my Fucked Up Shit Movie List
    #15 position in my ACTUALLY Fucked Up Shit Movie List