Black Mass of the Nazi Sex Wizard ★½

I loved the Vomit Gore trilogy thanks to its incredible talent to outdo itself at every new chapter. Every time more disturbing and more polished. Adding new elements that you wouldn't even think to be possible to be find in a movie tape.
But this one...
It adds nothing new to the trilogy.
As boring as the first one, even worse since it's totally missing the novelty.
It really feels like a very last sad wank by our boy Lucifer Valentine.
What a terrible conclusion for a saga that I genuinely love.

I really wanted to buy The Angela Chapters, but now I'm kinda sure I would end up with something way over unenjoyable in my hands. I'll pass.

I'm really sad and disappointed.

169th position in my ranked Fucked Up Shit Movie List

Not worth a spot in my ACTUALLY Fucked Up Shit Movie List

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