• The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man

    I keep trying to enjoy Lynch and I fail everytime.
    I was hoping for some Eraserhead vibes but it obviously didn't deliver.
    I quitted halfway thru.

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Finally a Romantic Comedy/Drama i can actually enjoy!
    A crazy coming of age love trip into the most depraved Japan.
    Shady religious cults, street gangs, professional upskirting, kung-fu, emasculations, psychological violence and explosions.
    And incredible nonstop 4 hours climax!
    So good and so much fun!

  • Possessor


    That was damn bloody. Ir was a while since I got this scared and uneasy watching a movie.
    Beautiful interior design and architecture btw lol
    Can't wait for a new movie from this talented director! Hopefully in less than 8 years.

  • The Big Kahuna

    The Big Kahuna

    Just three salemen sitting in a room and chatting of 90 minutes.
    Starting really funny, it deeply turns halfway thru.
    Some real A+ acting for the whole time. noone died onscreen and I still wasn't bored. :o

  • Arrival


    At the beginning I was pissed and bored since noone was attacking/killing/shouting/dying, then 35 minutes to the end the movie turned out to be ok.
    20 minutes to the end I was really into it!
    I usually hate these kind of 'slow burn' flicks, but this was the most satisfying one I've ever had.

  • Beyond The Mind's Eye

    Beyond The Mind's Eye


    Way better than the first!

  • The Mind's Eye

    The Mind's Eye

    Great AESTHETIC stuff.
    The second episode "Beyond The Mind's Eye" from 1992 is way better e more "iconic".
    You can find some 1080p VHS RIPs on youtube. Nice.

  • Kamen Rider ZO

    Kamen Rider ZO


    Beautiful monster design, really funny practical special effects, great goopy violence, tear-jerking story, good 80s soundtrack, classic sounds effects, almost no dialogues, a bunch of western action movies homages, and unexpected beutifully bad CGI from 1993!
    So much fun!
    Go watch this right now! It's less than one hour long and you can find a vhs rip on youtube!

  • Re-Animator


    Now that I'm a man of culture I've re-watched this film and I loved it! A classic for sure!
    Still not as Funny/Goopy/Horny as From Beyond, but a damn fine ride!
    Run to watch From Beyond right now if you enjoyed this one!

  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In

    The first Almodòvar movie I've seen.
    Beautifully directed, with a fucked up story and some unexpected graphic content.
    I really enjoyed the ride!
    It felt a little to hasty to get to the end to the story, like everything was just a pretest to talk about the flashback, but it had a perfect lenght and everything was so well edited that I'm not actually complaining!

  • Guilty of Romance

    Guilty of Romance

    I watched this expecting LOTS of psychedelic lights, blood and visual effects.
    I've instead received a really really fucked up story and lots of boobs. Nice.
    Too slow and too long for my taste tho. :/
    Good writing, bad directing. :(

  • Elle


    Boring, predictable, boring and boring.
    Like 50 shadows of grey, but with rape instead of whips, plus a bunch of uninspired and uninteresting family drama stuff going on.

    Stay away from this if you're a shock-movies fan.
    Bland waste of time.