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  • Utsushimi



    Guerrilla Sono is probably my fave Sono.
    This movie is a little gem of low-budget cinema.
    I've loved every second of it!

    6th position in my SONO RANKED List

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


    Everything is great in this movie!
    The score, the pacing, the plot, the photography, the sets, the special effects, the characters, the action scenes.
    This is the first time I watch this and I'm sure the series can't get any better, but I'm gonna continue to dig into it for sure.
    Finally an enjoyable slasher for my taste!

  • The Wire

    The Wire


    just lmao

    62nd position in my ranked Fucked Up Shit Movie List

  • Creep 2

    Creep 2


    So much better than the first!

  • Claire's Knee

    Claire's Knee


    MY GURU.

    I almost felt like taking notes while watching this.
    A really inspiring and enlightening watch.
    A beautifully looking essay on how to handle an healthy open relationship and all romantic desires in general (especially the ones involving jailbait teens).

    Very unexpectedly good and enjoyable.

  • Kidnapped



    Unforgiving and crude invasion movie.
    Well acted, 'real' and with a great pacing.
    At the beginning maybe just too real to be original and interesting,
    then BAM it gets very good with some impressive one-shots scenes and an AMAZING ending.

    I've watched it a second time at 10x speed and I counted like only 12 cuts in the whole movie!
    Too bad the score was already a 9/10 and I'm not feeling like giving it a 10/10.
    Pretty good tho.

    #51 position in my Fucked Up Shit Movie List
    #25 position in my ACTUALLY Fucked Up Shit (no fun allowed) Movie List

  • A Perfect Child of Satan

    A Perfect Child of Satan


    Great editing and soundtrack as always.
    The gore wasn't excessive and everything felt real.
    I love how Lucifer Valentine since his last episode of the vomit gore trilogy is trying to push his movies into a realm of emotional and psychological violence, instead of just shock the viewer with brainless graphical content.

    Once again this is much better than his last work.
    Really excited to see his next stuff!

    #30 position in my Fucked Up Shit Movie List
    #17 position in my ACTUALLY Fucked Up Shit Movie List

  • Thank You for Smoking
  • Martyrs



    So glad I've rewatched this after so many years, changing my opition about it!

    Really bloody and graphic, but mostly: Sad.

    I haven't much to say. It's a very powerful cinematic experience that punches you in the guts at every punch you see on screen, keeping it real and emotional without ever touching ironic levels of "torture porn" like in Saw or other bullshit movies like that.

    An absolute must-watch.

    #25 position in my Fucked Up Shit Movie List
    #15 position in my ACTUALLY Fucked Up Shit Movie List

  • Vivarium



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I loved how I was entertained and really disappointed at the same time.
    And this disappointment proves well the point of the whole movie.
    Pointless movie showing off how pointless were the actions of the protagonists.
    It leaves you really empty and disappointed, just like the protagonists by the end of this, feeling somehow really connected with them, but in another layer of reality, far away from empathy.
    Like the movie was watching me watching it and it was disappointed…

  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    The most stunning movie of 2020 to look at.
    The story was lame and it felt just like an excuse to show those beautiful shots. I can't care less. I was really drifted away by the outstanding visuals and the soundtrack alone. I loved it.

  • Freaky



    A little self-aware funny slasher movie.
    I had a great time! Really funny.