Inception ★★★★★

300th diary entry (edit: i just realized someone removed some of the wes anderson ads AND NOW THIS IS ACTUALLY MY 294TH DIARY ENTRY) and the first time i saw a christopher nolan film in a cinema. and also the first time back in a movie theater in 170 days. i guess you could say it’s been a while; i probably sound dramatic when i say this, but it’s been so long i almost got used to watching movies on my ipad screen and forgot how incomparable and immersive watching a film in a movie theater is. i went on my own which felt pretty awkward to me at first, but seeing all the action on a screen that’s probably more than twice the size of my dorm room and hearing hans zimmer’s incredible and unparalleled soundtrack through speakers that made me feel like my seat and my ears were on fire really made me remember why i’m in love with cinema in the first place. 
also got tickets to see interstellar on sunday, so REALLY looking forward to that!!!!!

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