Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★

NFI why I decided this was good hangover fodder. I guess I didn't have any positive expectations but did hope it would be fun at least. It sits front and centre with the worst of Marvel output; it doesn't function as a self-contained movie and couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't exist without all the other Marvel movies; his (fucking why??) high tech suit and Tony Stark are twin deus ex machina, providing anything to move the perfunctory story to its required point. Marvel has used Stark-tech constantly as hack writing work around but it is relentless here.

So the script is absolute garbage, Tom Holland, Zendaya and Michael Keaton all do well and despite it being as generic in the action department as it could be, its great to see Jon Watts getting a shot at and delivering what I assume the studio wanted.

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