Favorite Films are currently my favorite exploitation flicks. Will eventually change to favorite horror, film noir, or something else.

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  • Beyond the Time Barrier

    Beyond the Time Barrier


    Since they couldn't let all that Dallas fairgrounds space go to waste they shot a movie there. Throw in footage of a Cold War-era jet fighter and you're on your way BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER. Absolutely fitting that it was released with Angry Red Planet (which I've always liked) but maybe I like this Time Barrier flick a little more. Completely hokey and super low budget it's some kind of perfect mess that is endearing to me, hits the right…

  • Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    Take some Indonesian folklore (actual or contrived) add The Terminator and you have a trash masterpiece. I really mean add The Terminator since they borrow so much from it, sometimes scene for scene and word for word but it's a hot magic terminator girl and not a robot. I've seen Turkish knockoffs of Western sci fi flicks but they're nothing like this. This will be the only movie I ever see that has a magic eel vagina knife. It's a fucking riot to watch and I know this won't be my only time.

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  • Smithereens



    Better the 2nd time around. Also, it's time to review the life decisions that led to me watching this twice. Should come with a disclaimer that explains the differences between new wave & punk rock.

  • Dog Eat Dog!

    Dog Eat Dog!


    One part Italian, one part German, one part Jayne Mansfield.