• Ocean's Eleven

    Ocean's Eleven


    I had a good time watching this, but only because of Sammy Davis, Sinatra, and Dean Martin. I couldn't tell the rest of those guys apart, lol. The musical numbers were cool but criminally underused, this should've just been a full-blown musical, damn it! Minus points for the sexism/blackface jokes.

  • Flower




  • The Hand

    The Hand


    Heartbreaking, moving, and gorgeously animated. The pottery artist is animated with so much personality and charm from his very first movements on screen. The story feels like more than an allegory, it feels like someone's soul and passion on display. Puppet animation just gets me, y'know?

  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou


    Like a moving Dalí painting. An uncanny dream vision that lulls you to sleep...

  • Springman and the SS

    Springman and the SS


    An actually funny dark satire about the S.S. Though he's not in his main element, Trnka's 2D work is still pretty inventive, and there's even some Zeman-esque use of smoke overlays in this short!

  • Liška a džbán

    Liška a džbán


    I love the fox character design in this so much... And there's oddly a lot of ambitious shots in this, like the perspective shots and the sequence where the fox is represented only by his shadow, plus there's a lot of detail in the character expressions.

  • The Devil's Mill

    The Devil's Mill


    An intense, gorgeous puppet animation about how music can keep at bay the demons that haunt you nightly. The sound design is groundbreaking for the year this was made, I don't think I'll see many puppet animations with sound design this complex anywhere else!

  • Painting is for the Cats

    Painting is for the Cats


    The paper-cut animation in this is epic. The characters have so much weight and life to them, and the live-action sections were incorporated so sweetly and seamlessly!

  • Psí pohádka

    Psí pohádka


    The background art is so fun and unique, and the dog is supernaturally lovable. The dancing deer ghost sequence was beautiful!

  • Rudolph's Shiny New Year

    Rudolph's Shiny New Year


    my new year's resolution is to watch more movies. (and meditate more)

  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    Trauma is almost always remembered as a sequence of emotions, at least for me. It's so much easier bearing with the past as abstracted memories. I can't fathom the atrocities that actually took place when this film is set, but the way the atrocities are being processed is familiar. The use of symbolism and metaphor (though I'm not researched enough to understand it all!!) is seamless, and the amount of craft and ingenuity on display is unlike any other animation I've ever seen. It's straight haunting, and the end is just nightmarish!! Would love to rewatch this again one day.

  • Detachment



    it's ok but is it the wire season 4?