Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins ★★

It turns out I have a lot of patience for dumb ninja bullshit, but like, this was pretty dumb ninja bullshit and I have very little patience for origin stories/prequels in franchises I care about. Can not tell you how little I care about G.I. Joe. That being said...would've been better if they leaned more into the hokey franchise shit just a little harder? And actually got someone who could shoot action? Felt like the stunt people and choreographers did a lot of work here only to be let down by whoever was behind the camera.

Rooting for Henry Golding, but he might as well be wallpaper here. Koji steals the show handily, now that's a character I care about. Samara Weaving given the thankless, Black Widow in Iron Man 2 role, except the sequels they're building her up for are a lot less likely to exist. Good, don't let her get stuck in this.

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