• Soul



    Soul is one of pixar's best movies in a long time, feeling like an amalgamation of the best traits of coco and inside out.

    If you've seen a pixar movie you probably know how this is gonna play out, but the pixar formula works so well that I quite frankly don't mind it. I avoided all the trailers for this movie before watching it and went in blind which made the movie more unpredictable than it probably would have been…

  • The Man From Utah

    The Man From Utah

    Why is the poster just john wayne's ass?

    I didn't ask for this

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is not just swood, it's also educational!!!

    *Guitar solo*

    Fr though good movie

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    With everything going on the world, I honestly needed a movie like this to lift my spirits and remind me of how good life really is

    I don't even have a lot to say, I'm just super happy I've finally gotten around to watching this movie. the film made me tear up near the end, but the movie is also really funny, it manages to hit every stride perfectly. My only complaint is thst the editing is choppy but honestly who gives a fuck, this movie is a masterpiece


  • KRFT PUNK'S Political Party!

    KRFT PUNK'S Political Party!


    why wont they fucking get rid of this guy he sucks

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    I'm a fucking huge Eric Andre fan so I had a blast watching this one. I know its not the greatest movie in the world or anything but Eric Andre's humor is right up my alley so any of the technical shortcomings are excusable in my opinion. If you're not a fan of his comedy then I wouldn't recommend it. Its not for everyone but if you enjoy it for what it is you'll have a good time

  • Christine



    Christine is a very effective movie about the tragedy that happened to this woman who clearly needed help but was failed by a society who wasn't as open about that sort of thing as they are now. I've read some reviews that claim that this movie is disrespectful towards the real Christine chubbuck, and to that I say "no it is not." By that logic any movie based on any real tragedy that involved people dying is disrespectful. The movie…

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    John wayne gives a hell of a performance in this film, but jeffrey hunter does a great job hanging in there with the duke.

    This is one of john wayne's most nuanced and subtle performances, this film delves into the man's prejudices towards native americans along with his bitter desire for revenge. The movie asks the question of where the line is drawn, when it's revenge or just xenophobia? John wayne's character starts to respect jeffrey hunter a little more…

  • Stagecoach



    Stagecoach is dated in a lot of ways but still perseveres by being an entertaining film that's well acted and well written, writing a lot of the rules for how films in the future would go too.

    8/10, john wayne is good as john wayne

  • Aladdin



    This movie makes me want to fucking chop my balls off

  • The Inglorious Bastards

    The Inglorious Bastards


    I won't lie, this movie kind of fell flat for me.

    The action is nice, the title sequence is cool, and the acting is fun but overall I found the movie to just be boring, I was really disappointed with this one.

    Perhaps I just don't "get it", but this didn't do it for me


  • Megan Is Missing

    Megan Is Missing


    This is genuinely one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life