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  • Ice Blues

    Ice Blues

    It's a bit of a shame they went out on the most visually plain of these films and also the most chaste... ah well. Chad Allen is very fun to watch.

  • The Unholy

    The Unholy

    Buried under an endless string of every horror movie beat you've seen for the past 10 years is a really interesting theme about Capitalism-plus-Evagelicals, but it's left suffocated by the most rote filmmaking and the inevitable faith-in-god-saves-you motif.

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  • Everything Is Free

    Everything Is Free


    Can we please, for the love of all that is good, retire the falling-for-the-straight-guy story?

    People in this film were weirdly okay with a horrifically abusive character and that's worrying.

    That ending too, like no...N. O. No.

  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    Just as enjoyable the second time around!

    Lots of deep background gags to pick up on and some subtle music motifs.

    Such a fucking delight!