Zack Snyder's Justice League

I've been Snyderpilled.

I remember back when the first Man of Steel trailer came out, the one with Russell Crowe's monologue set to Zimmer's theme and various poetic shots, I got chills in the theater. It felt like the Superman that I always loved and had a weird relationship with. I made a lot of "Crying about Superman" jokes that summer. Of course, that movie didn't deliver.

So it was much to my delight that Snyder made me cry about Superman. Those moments on the farm. Him walking through the Spaceship hearing the dual narration of his two fathers (making the stuff Pa Kent said in Man of Steel actually have an emotional payoff instead of just being weirdly grim), preparing to fly....and that fucking Zimmer theme. It got me.

I also found myself getting emotional about superhero movies in general. The person I am is very different than I used to be and I now, although I still enjoy them, understand the corporate and pro-military, pro-cop, pro-status quo messaging behind them (in the movies at least). But at the same time, watching this, I was reminded about the very particular kind of excitement and thrill I would get sitting down in the theater for those summer films. The first time I saw Avengers and saw all of them together. The giddiness of anticipating the next one. That doesn't really happen anymore, and that's probably good, but it made me a bit sad.

Anyway, I think Snyder is genuinely kind of good, for all his faults, and that's something I really never, ever, thought I'd think.

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