Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

This just might be the best film of the year. While it certainly isn't without its faults, what Call Me by Your Name succeeds with is borderline perfect.
I'll throw out a few of my gripes before getting into this, Chalamet has certain facial expressions that took me a bit out of it and there's certain scenes that don't feel as natural as the rest of the film. Now on to the positives.
The location is a definite plus, setting it in Northern Italy just adds the overall mood of the film. Additionally having it shot on film was a wonderful choice by the director, it adds a certain warmth that digital probably couldn't do. An 80s vibe helps this a little bit, but honestly this story could have been told at any point in time and still been amazing. The score is marvelous only adding to a whimsical feeling. The clear stand out is "Mystery of Love" by Sufjan Stevens, that particular song adds so much so cleverly to the movie. The song is emotes feelings of happiness, sadness, and acceptance so well, the choice to use this was incredible. There's a certain reoccurring metaphor that works really well for the film, and it is never in your face about it. All of these things would have not been as good if it not for the performances by the cast. Not a single actor disappoints from the main performances to the small roles. Particular standout of these small parts is Esther Garrel, specifically with the feelings she was able to emote through just facial expressions is really something special. Stuhlbarg provides a great subtle performance, and then when he is given a chance to shine he steals the show. Hammer is terrific in his desirable presence, and maybe one of the best performances of the year. As mentioned before there are certain times where Chalamet has expressions that aren't the best, but aside from that his performance is damn near perfect. Chalamet seriously deserves all the credit in the world, his performance shows so much that keeps you on an emotional roller coaster. Without getting too into spoilers every single one of his feelings is powerfully felt. Although this film didn't make me weep (I could here the collective weeps of the other ten people in my cinema) it pained me watching it, leaving me gutted as the lights came. This film has so many important things to say about love that really resonated, and at the same time validated previous emotions I've had. Guadagnino makes everything feel so real, a lesser story would have used dialogue for exposition far to much instead of letting facial expressions or lack of dialogue show everything you need to know about this story.
I can't wait to see this one again, and hope everyone gets a chance to catch this in theaters as its truly worthy of all its praise.

Very High 9 (possibly a 10 on repeat viewings)

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