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The year is 1995, 11 years since Sarah Connor survived and destroyed the Terminator sent from the future to kill her. Since then Sarah has attempted to alter the future and stop Skynet from ever coming online, but in doing this she has gotten herself arrested and imprisoned in a mental institution. Meanwhile her son John is in Los Angeles under the care of foster parents. Further meanwhile, two terminators are traveling from the future to the past with different…

You know the name, Billy the Kid, but do you know the story? John Tunstall runs a small ranch and hires young misfits who need a break in life. He gives a William H. Bonney a second chance on his ranch and an escape from a life of crime. But life turns ugly when the dominant rancher of the territory, L. G. Murphy, has Tunstall killed. Witnessing the murder, Tunstall’s hired hands, his regulators, seek to enact justice on Murphy…

Psychologist Kris Kelvin is sent to a space station to investigate strange reports coming from the crew. The station is orbiting the planet Solaris which is covered in a swirling, bubbling ocean. Once there, Kris finds the station in disarray, with two crew members not cooperating and the third having committed suicide some time before Kelvin arrived. Kelvin begins encountering the same phenomena that was reported from the other crewmates, where other people appear on the station. They have determined…

Jeff Goldblum is Seth Brundle, a brilliant, loner scientist who is on the verge of the greatest breakthrough of the 20th century. teleportation, molecular decimation, breakdown, reformation is possible. Geena Davis is Ronnie, a science journalist looking for a story at a Toronto science fair for adults. Unable to deny Seth’s charisma and hair, Ronnie agrees visit his lab where his project is nearly finished. After witnessing the teleportation of her panty hose, they agree on a mutual relationship of…

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My wife's comments as she desecrates one of my all time favorite flicks:

So what this is like the internet fighting them? This is what Twitter is in the future?

That dude from the last movie just inseminated her and that's it? He's still dead?

Do we get to see his butt again?

Arnold got smaller.

Some intern had to sit there and enter random numbers for the Terminator POV.

She seemed pretty normal pumping that gas at the end…

James Cameron does it again. The action in this is some of the best in the biz. Arnold is at the top of his game and this makes me want to revisit all of his blockbusters.

Unfortunately I think this suffers from not having a co-star beside Arnold that has the same star power, x-factor. Linda Hamilton is good, but gets minimized by the black hole that Arnold is.

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Arnold's nude body is deeply inspiring to me.

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The opening credits made me think I was in for a 80s disaster of a western, but this was surprisingly good! It had the gritty realism I love in westerns with billowing smoke from pistols, ruthless gunslingers, and costumes covered in dirt. Some might think the plot is unfocused but I loved how it accented the fact that the regulators had no where to run.

This could have been a western classic if not for the horrendous, out of place 80s score that is so out of place. Hear more of my thoughts on 70mm.