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70mm - September 2021

Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for September we're spotlighting Latin American Movies Month. Our friend Ismael has created a Letterboxd list as a guide for us and we'll be doing our dangdest to pick some solid bangers.

70mm - August 2021

Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for the entire month of August we're (trying to) focusing on Summer Blockbusters from the 21st Century. eyes eyes eyes

20% OFF Letterboxd Pro/Patron

Friends, if you're anything like us, Letterboxd is your favorite social media site and you're scrolling through the app each morning to see what your friends are watching. If you've been wanting to support Letterboxd and upgrade to Pro or Patron status, we have a special discount code for you.

Twister and Stars before Stardom

This week's featured presentation is Twister! When I saw it as a wee child knowing actors was still beyond me. I had no idea who Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were, I was just there for the tornaders. I didn't know Phillip Seymour Hoffman's name but you better believe that I was enamored with his performance as Dusty, the frenetic storm chaser who defined The Suck Zone™ and stole every scene he was in. I was just a baby in…

70mm - July 2021

Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for the entire month of July we're going without a theme. This means each host can pick whatever the heck movie they want to do, no strings attached.

Indiana Junes with 70mm

Friends, if you aren't caught up, June is officially Indiana Junes at 70mm. We're covering Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and that other one. Is it possible we've been wrong about that last one all these years?