Superman and the Neverending Origin Story

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This week the gang covered Superman(1978) and it had me thinking about superhero origin stories.
We have all heard the complaints.
"Another origin story?"
You get a fresh director/actor or the start of a new trilogy and we have to go back to the beginning and hear that same story all over again. The pearls, that great responsibility -- can we put it to rest? Do we need to see it again and again? Most of the time I argue no! We do not, give me old batman past his prime, give me sentinels right out of the gate. give me the stories that haven't had a chance on the big screen. We don't need the buildup, we all know the subtext (or can read the wikipedia article). That's why we all loved the epilogue in Zack Snyder's Justice League right? Right guys? Guys? Anyway.

The only exception to this complaint, for me, is Superman. Revisiting Superman made me realize that I love his origin, and I find it to be the most compelling part of his journey. Escaping Krypton, growing up in Smallville, standing in a very picturesque field. I love those moments and love how it shapes who Clark Kent is. His origin ripples out into the rest of his story in a profound way because of how powerful he is. Of any super hero, Kal-El is the most capable of having his origin directing the use of his power. And while we do have alternate origin stories for Superman, I want more.

Give me a Superman who grows up in feudal Japan. Give me a Superman who is raised in South Central LA. Give me a Superman who doesn't have the protection and wisdom of Ma and Pa Kent, and put it on the big screen! Put a different focus on Superman and what it would look like for the man of steel to be a part of a minority. Give it to me, I am ready. Fortunately it looks like something just like that is on the horizon. While I love the classic story, it's just too good not to open our hearts and let something new in. Let it in.