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  • Nana



    all of those live action movies from the 00s were so cheap but somehow good 😭 maybe im being biased cause nana is my favorite anime and kenichi is playing shin but yeah is good for me i love it 🥺

  • The African Doctor

    The African Doctor


    when will white men stop writting our stories

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  • Aquaman



    aquaman is really entertaining, didn’t love it but i like it. its an enjoyable badass movie. jason momoa is the perfect aquaman, perfect casting and mera (amber heard) owned that too. tbh the script is trash, the cgi bothers me A LOT (is pretty bad), the forced humor makes me cringe in some parts, the soundtrack is a whole mess and imo the whole movie was kinda predictable. 
    although, i LOVE every fight scene specially with those single-shot action sequences.…

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    this film is really REALLY tense and my anxiety really jumped out 

    sandra bullock delivered a great performance tho, she really did carry the entire film on her back.