The Straight Story ★★★★

The idea of David Lynch having a Disney movie is bizarre on the surface, but with The Straight Story, Lynch manages to rein in his more experimental tendencies to create a grounded, relatable, and at times, touching film. A road movie based on a true story, The Straight Story is far simpler and less experimental than most of Lynch's work, and is more palatable as a result. The film does not feature much dialogue, and is instead far more focused on depicting Alvin's environment and his interactions with other characters. Like most of Lynch's films, The Straight Story is great at using subtle techniques to reveal the traits of its characters.

The Straight Story is far from perfect. It starts out a bit slow, and at times, Lynch's oddball tendencies do emerge to derail the film a bit. The roadkill and twin scenes, in particular, take you out of the immersion a bit, and are a bit cartoonish in an otherwise grounded and realistic world that the film takes place in. These flaws, however, are more than made up for by some of the genius scenes that Lynch creates here; the campfire and hill scenes are some of his best. What really makes this film work is the characters, and how they deal with their trauma. It is moving and inspiring to see, and makes for another great film from Lynch.