Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★½

Maaan this is basically Alice in Wonderland but WAY creepier...
Pan’s labyrinth is basically a SPOILER ALERT non-fantasy, where all the magic is just in the protagonist’s head, and END OF SPOILER ALERT it contributes to give the movie a sad feeling that, combined with the extreme violence, the creepy fantasy creatures and the war situation makes this great movie the most unique and unconventional fantasy I’ve ever seen, being more a movie about war with a fantastic and imaginary background.
The direction is, as usual from Del Toro, really well made, though what really elevates the film, other than a stellar script, are the makeup, the costumes and the production design, all top notch. I don’t get why this movie won best cinematography, it seemed pretty average to me, but still nothing bad.
A movie that should be watched, not EVEN if it has extreme violence, but (also) BECAUSE of its extreme violence