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This review may contain spoilers.

The last couple times I did LSD were interesting experiences. Both insanely vibrant and elevated times made almost fascinatingly nightmarish by the introduction of marijuana into the mix - both times I was thoroughly convinced in my own mind that I was looking at a completely different world than I once knew. My partner, of course is unable to talk me out of such a delirious, nearly hallucinatory state, and I'm unable to explain what's happening to my brain. POSSESSOR, in the most cerebral and frightening way possible, visualizes for me the lucid intensity that comes when you're not quite sure what's going on in your own head anymore.

Cronenberg took the eight year sabbatical between ANTIVIRAL and this to clearly fucking master his visual style. The psychic battle that takes place between Christopher Abbot's Colin Tate and Andrea Risborough's Tasya Vos is masterfully displayed in the hallucinatory sequences where Tate's psyche tries to wrestle control from Vos. The visuals speak for themselves, and my words would not do them justice. Take my word for it.

The cinematography and editing are absolutely gorgeous, playing with color and light in such interesting and striking ways. The performances are absolutely stellar. Sean Bean in particular shows up for about 10 minutes to play the absolute smarmiest rich piece of human garbage I've ever seen and he's great. This also reaches levels of insane bodily harm I haven't seen since maybe GREEN ROOM - utterly cringe inducing and brutal aestheticization of violence that deftly works to show how Vos has essentially lost herself in the miasma of blood and brain fluid.

When I watch a movie that just truly blows my mind, all I can do is ramble, and that's what this is. But holy fuck. The only reason I'm not giving this five stars immediately is because it feels almost too good to be true. But for now I'm safe in saying this is a new favorite. EXACTLY my bullshit. The Spawn of Cronenberg is making his dad proud.

also christopher abbot is now the official killing kids guy

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