Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

Pretty late to this bandwagon but this was greeeeaaaattttt, a beautiful and authentic examination of love. Regardless of your sexuality, that feeling of truly loving someone for the first time and discovering who you really are is addressed so wonderfully and so honestly to a point where anyone could relate to Elio’s struggle. It’s shot with a combination of gorgeous scenery and stunning composition to create one of the most eye gasmic films I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Timothee Chalamet felt so honest and vulnerable, Armie Hammer felt like the perfect catalyst for Timmy, and Michael Stuhlbarg’s final monologue is fucking heartbreaking oh my god. The whole age gap thing isn’t really touched upon which bugged me a little bit but it’s nothing too major. And yeah I liked this a lot, can’t wait for the sequel.