Videodrome ★★★★★

Toes dipped in a crimson pool of otherworldly ectoplasm; unwittingly becoming one with an unfathomable mass of slime and trash. 

Psychosexuality and consumerism amalgamate to create a vile silhouette of the Amerikkkan ideal within the world of Cronenberg's probable opus - a mirror for the ages.

The most constant and axiomatic ideology put forth in Videodrome is not necessarily its firm condemnation of violence and sex in modern media but rather its broader critique of consumerism. 

Videodrome displays the modern everyman fall prey to capitalism's grimy clutches - in Cronenberg's world, the capitalist's demise is their own machinations. The film plays with time, in a way, portraying the self-destructing nature of capitalists in hyperspeed in juxtaposition to the longterm rot that befalls the bourgeoisie. 

Cronenberg displays brilliance through surrealism; ostensibly a feat conquered by few. The definition of a masterpiece.

Horror Project #25

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