• Her


    How many flavors of fake consciousnesses could there possibly be? The handpicked model breeds confusion in a chaotic land, it makes a familiar drama seasoned with the estranged feeling of a human being meeting a mimic from another world. A familiar one-sided tale that dares not watch the other angle, sitting satisfied as every made up word is but made up on demand, and to this viewer finds in this naive approach its biggest flaw.

    Some interesting yet unexplored questions…

  • Oldboy



    Guilherme Rafael japoronga

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    It opens up a wound.
    Makes you realize it was already there, waiting to be exposed.
    Tells you it will never mend, and explains why.
    Lets you know everybody has a similar wound they're never paying attention to.

    Like blinking your eyes, you will live your life trying to be oblivious of it.

    There is more to consider: ghosts benefit from silence, there is a ghost in every home and a large portion of mankind is up in the air.

  • Paprika



    Pan focus.

    To wish that two distinct, human realities - lucidity and dream, male and female, reality and fiction - converge into one, or to believe that all is one and one is all, is an act of pure villainy.

  • Stalker



    Like watching a long, meditative philosophical romance, finding new intriguing questions where you thought answers waited to be found. To watch Stalker is to see age-old questions being pondered about as the hopeless - and therefore brave - men wander through a beautiful dangerous scenery untouched by human hand, seeking a newfound solution in the wilderness.

  • Strange Circus

    Strange Circus


    The lengths through which a person might be pushed to when faced with a harsh familiar reality, captured in black, white and red, flesh, bone and psyche. Tragedy breeds tragedy breeds tragedy when a deranged and perverted madman is inside your home.