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  • Satantango


    How do you write about a movie that is 7 hours and some chanTV. Well, the pacing is well plodded out. It also helps to know this is part of the slow cinema genre. This means the film takes it's time. Yet as I said the pace plays out really well. There are a couple of stretchs where it feels over do.

    The bleak, black and white, cinemaphotograhpy is wonderful to look at consisting of solid composition and layers of…

  • Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion

    Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion

    This is a case of where the sequel is better then the first. The ante is upped by leaps and bounds from the first film.

    The sequel starts with a more atmospheric/horror vibe. Then slowly pans out as a typical kaiju film. This hook makes for a far more compelling start then in the first film.

    The effect are great and Legion in his final form looks awesome. Although Gamera isn't Godzilla there is plenty of kaiju fun to be had here.

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  • Versus


    Back in high-school my friend's brother asked wouldn't it be cool if there was a movie with just all action? I responded with woud it be interesting/good?

    Some time later I came across Versus, which is the epitome of style over substance. Yet you can't deny how much fun this film is.

    It was Versus, Ichi the Killer, Oldboy, Battle Royale, and Audition which defined the meaning of over the top for me. So later on when people would talk…

  • Knife+Heart


    The basic premise is about Anne who runs a small gay-porn studio in 1979 Paris, but some one is killing her stars.

    Knife+Heart is sleek and stylish with plenty of homage to giallo films. Stylish kills and colored lighting. There is also plenty of humor which is truly funny and playful.

    My biggest complaint is at the end. The way this film reveals the plot is amazing, it shows you without using words. The part that I did not like…