Malignant ★★★★½

James Wan returns and his skills as a director have now reached the sky and beyond. Malignant is a modern, american giallo with all that entails.

This is one of the most fresh horror films I've seen in the last few years. Whether you like the film or not, it's overwhelmingly original, partly because the plot goes to unexpected places and partly because nobody else does it like Wan.

James Wan directs the hell out of this screenplay. The camera is constantly on an expedition, exploring every dark inch of the frame, mapping out the space in a way only Wan knows. Is he the most interesting director regarding the viewer's spatial awareness? He sure could be. Every murder is wonderfully executed and the imagery is out of this world. Every few minutes I would find myself thinking "great shot" or "wow, he did that" or "such a lovely idea". It is also evident that making Fast And Furious as well as Aquaman helped Wan because the film has quite a bit of action, which is executed incredibly.

The music, as is always the case with Wan's films, is extraordinary and contributes to the making of a modern giallo. The only problems with the film lie with the screenplay; some cheesy moments and a few clichéd lines here and there. Oh and it also has practical effects <3

James Wan is a master and he has clearly evolved with Malignant. A stylish slasher, a beautiful giallo and an original, gory and visually magnificent addition to the horror genre.

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