Possessor ★★★★½

I watched this two days ago and it has stayed with me. "Possessor" basically answers the question "what if Ari Aster directed a script for a Christopher Nolan film" and it works pretty brilliantly. When I was done watching it I thought "totally a 3-star flick" then thought about it and thought about it and it keeps creeping up.

"Possessor" is a fantastic horror sci-fi film that focuses on how someone's identity can be lost to acts of violence. Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott are both fully embodying their characters and bringing them to life. The film is just gorgeous too, with the designs and locations being beautiful with vibrant colors and interesting bits and bobs to catch your attention at times it is some visually attention-getting that you may just stop looking at the action to marvel at the architecture.

The best part is the ending that is just entirely and delightfully fucked up beyond belief.

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