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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    The movie is fairly absurd and "stoned" , with no solid answers for what's real and what's not , with a great atmosphere of 70s Hollywood and told through the back of a neo-noir mystery , which had me hooked unlike many people although it wasn't about the mystery I feel more so about the Joaquin's character ,I did enjoy how the mystery played with his character throughout.
    The narration was fantastic to me with so well written dialogues and very vague complimenting the story , with a different style of cinematography from previous PTA films.
    This might be my favourite Joaquin performance.

  • The Triplets of Belleville

    The Triplets of Belleville


    This is one of the most uniquely and wierdly animated movies I have seen with a bizarre plot that is equally entertaining and absurd.
    I was lost on the movie before I read some stuff about it , the movie has so many subtle references to many artists and musicians, and the whole movie is a satire and symbolism on many things mainly the exploitation of entertainment and talent by aristocrats and corporations of multinationals and it's effects on a…

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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler



    It was the story of a wrestler's effects and trauma from wrestling and his personal relationships with his daughter and his love interest , I felt the relationships weren't handled well with it juggling between both characters of his life and neither are done well , his relationship with his daughter was not executed well with him giving a corny generic speech to redeem himself in one sequence with not so well written dialogues and the…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    To the breathtaking cinematography, to the soundtrack, to the hidden meanings throughout, to the performances , to the concept and to hope...... it's a masterpiece.