Stalker ★★★★★

Rating: A+

I just finished watching this and wow. I’m in awe and I’m speechless. Where do I even begin? This is the first film I’ve seen from Andrei Tarkovsky and this honestly feels different from literally any other films I’ve seen. It’s an original piece of science fiction that’s portrayed realistically, like it’s a real place. It’s a slow-burn movie where it’s story seem to run fast. It delivers a powerful message with a lot of thought-provoking ideas that the characters say. Where most parts the story moves, there a couple parts where you just gotta appreciate the silence and the beautiful imagery Tarkovsky tries to present. Every shot is a picture or painting or frame, absolutely beautiful. Also I fell in love with that one shot in this film (you know which one) which is officially my favorite shot alongside Binary Sunset from A New Hope. Stalker draws complex and intriguing narratives and thought-provoking ideas. The idea of the Zone is such a setting that is intriguing to explore. This movie is a near 3-hour film that lets you appreciate the art of cinema, I don’t think anyone could craft such a complex, original story like this like how Tarkovsky does it. This is an unforgettable masterpiece that I don’t think everyone will appreciate but it’s for them cinephiles. Which also I’m gonna need a rewatch in a few years time.

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