The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words ★★★

Makoto Shinkai made one of the best animated movies of all time with Your Name and afterwards he has not impressed me with his films. This is my 3rd film from him (2nd being weathering with you) both these movies are just okay but haven’t really impressed me just like how Your Name did. Just usual, the animation is absolutely gorgeous and I loved the beautiful scenery here. The score was also really good, and I liked the imagery. Still the story and character felt really bland and flat. The story isn’t awful or anything, I liked the overall idea, but the way it was executed was pretty... meh. It would’ve been better if it was fleshed out more and was longer because this kind of idea would’ve been great and made the movie better if it was fleshed out more.

I looked at some other Makoto Shinkai works and they don’t look close to great for me, but somehow I’m looking forward to watching his other films to witness a fresh air of beautiful animation and score. So this movie was a good watch for its animation and scenery.

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