Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

• leo is very good
• brad pitt is very good and also very, very good looking
• the first two hours are so immersive and wonderful; it really feels like you’re in hollywood in 1969 and following these people around
• margot robbie is a ray of light and every time she’s on screen is a breath of fresh air
• the visuals are absolutely stunning; love love loved all the signage and marquees and package labels and posters
• killer soundtrack 
• the role of television is interesting here; in that all the tv stars are trying to get away from it to make their name in film, and yet everyone watches it, from the manson girls to rick and cliff. it made me wonder about tarantino’s potential future in the medium—I feel like a limited series would be right up his alley, where he could expand on his lengthy movies and fill six or eight hours instead of just three

• so many bare feet everywhere jesus dude we get it
• ever since I broke my hand in a car accident a year ago driving in movies stresses me out so brad pitt zooming driving recklessly throughout hollywood almost gave me a heart attack
• the storylines felt very disconnected at various points; it felt like there were a couple movies going on at once and the through line was very thin
• the floaty nostalgic feeling really lost some things for me when it just felt so blatantly misogynist. brad’s character is set up to be this cool guy and then it just gets casually tossed out that he (maybe) killed his wife?? but then we get a flashback where she’s being annoying to…convince us he was in the right? and then even the guy who was mad about it broke down and was like “actually my wife is the one who cares, I couldn’t give a shit,” which is…depressing!
• same with the characterization of sharon tate—I get that tarantino is propping her up as an ideal, but to have the longest bit of her story be told by a man watching from a distance so he could squeeze in having steve mcqueen at a party just felt too male gaze-y for me

all of that said…I liked it!

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