Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★★

There's a sort of transience to Lost in Translation, but, all the while, the emotions that gently waft between Murray and Johansson remain firmly rooted in the now. The simple - though perhaps not simple in all senses of the word - fact that they know the impermanence of their relationship allows them to say what they won't or can't say in other contexts.

It's such an odd thing: this fleeting intimacy. It seems counter-intuitive to be able to share something so deep with someone you know so little, but in reality, it's precisely this anonymity that enables such deep - and, certainly, often scary - conversation.

The city lights that pop out of their reflections in a taxi window seem to mark the beginning and end of this moment of intimacy. A moment in time to be reflected upon even if it's only for just that: reflection.

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