Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★½

I thought this was awful.

I came to Neon Genesis Evangelion to watch fighting, man! Big mechas (kind of) fighting big monsters, in preparation for Pacific Rim!

What I found was something entirely different; and the more I mull over it, the more fascinating it becomes.

I was expecting some closure, some answers to questions posed throughout the series. Instead I was left with even MORE questions, far more numerous than the ones Prometheus left me unsatisfied with.

I -did- get the fights I wanted. If I had reviewed this film immediately after watching it I would've given it 2 stars, maybe 3 if I was feeling generous, purely out of anger. I've had a day to think about it, and it's such a unique and bold thing that director Hideaki Anno has spawned that I'm in awe. The series doesn't necessarily build up to this as it does deconstruct itself, to the point where any coherent narrative vanishes in a flurry of pure psychology and mayhem. The protagonist's plight and trauma splinters into every inconceivable direction in tandem with the film, and you just can't look away.

By the end I had serious pity for Shinji Ikari. Nevertheless, I hated every hair on his head. I hated every hair, on every scalp, of every character in this series, because each one is part of a personality spectrum encompassing nearly every major dysfunction. Gorgeous and enigmatic.

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