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  • Drive My Car
  • Titane
  • Spencer
  • The Power of the Dog
  • Memoria

2021 ( Ranked)

83 films

Come back in January or February to get a top 10 ( more curated) list. ( For the final announcement)…

  • Fireworks
  • Dolls
  • Violent Cop
  • A Scene at the Sea
  • Kids Return

Takeshi Kitano- The Bleak Humorist, Ranked

10 films

"I thought maybe I could become like the next Van Gogh. I bought a sunflower and painted it, and it…

  • My Darling Clementine
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  • The Quiet Man
  • Stagecoach
  • The Searchers

John Ford- The Beethoven of Cinema, Ranked

10 films

Previously I had not so much respect for this western genre, but this guy changed my mind with his works-…

  • Still Walking
  • Shoplifters
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • Maborosi
  • Our Little Sister

Hirokazu Koreeda- The perfervid Humanist, Ranked

10 films

Kore-eda's genuine slices of ordinary life have been praised for their humanism, his films are mainly focused on family dynamics…

  • Rebels of the Neon God
  • Vive L'Amour
  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn
  • What Time Is It There?
  • Stray Dogs

Tsai Ming-Liang- The Melancholic Auteur, Ranked

9 films

"I feel like I'm a citizen of the world, yet there's no single place that I can put my roots…

  • Seven Samurai
  • Bicycle Thieves
  • Tokyo Story
  • Rashomon
  • The Rules of the Game

BBC's 100 Greatest Foreign Language Films

100 films

BBC Culture polled 209 critics in 43 countries to find the best in world cinema – here’s the top 100.…

  • The Match Factory Girl
  • La Vie de Bohème
  • Shadows in Paradise
  • The Man Without a Past
  • The Other Side of Hope

Aki Kaurismäki- The Ingenious Minimalist, Ranked

10 films

The great Finnish director has done enough to create his own cinematic language- a proper mix of sharp humour and…

  • Love Exposure
  • Cold Fish
  • Red Post on Escher Street
  • Why Don't You Play in Hell?
  • Guilty of Romance

Sion Sono- The Subversive Genius, Ranked

12 films

My love for Japanese films starts with Ozu (all time favourite Japanese filmmaker) and ends with Sono. Yeah I know…

  • High and Low
  • Ran
  • Seven Samurai
  • Rashomon
  • Ikiru

Akira Kurosawa- The Eminent Luminary, Ranked

14 films

"Man is a genius when he dreams. Dream what you are capable of. The harder you dream it, the sooner…

  • Talk to Her
  • Pain and Glory
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  • The Skin I Live In
  • All About My Mother

Pedro Almódovar films, ranked

11 films

"Cinema has become my life. I don't mean a parallel world, I mean my life itself. I sometimes have the…

  • Vivre Sa Vie
  • Weekend
  • Band of Outsiders
  • Breathless
  • Le Petit Soldat

Jean-Luc Godard- The Charismatic Intellectual, Ranked

12 films

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world. I don't think you should feel about a film, you should…

  • Se7en
  • A Summer's Tale
  • Perfect Blue
  • The Thin Red Line
  • Magnolia


27 films

This is a list where I'd like to introduce a list which contains- My most favourite film (or a film…