Blindspotting ★★★★½

An intelligent dramatic pensive treatment that also has its share for a really good sense of humor, it never lose the balance between the seriousness of its sharp social Orientation and the hilarious funny moments.
It is great how Blindspotting was able to pull this off perfectly in an hour and a half. what the movie wanted to say is intriguing and the way it was said through was even better. The concept of blindspotting itself and how it was applied on the two lead characters was innovative. How the movie implied the true feeling and struggle of a black guy in this community who, on one side, is constantly regarded by police and the so-called law as an outcast and criminal and on the other side is pushed by society and relatives (his ex girlfriend) to transform into someone else estranged from his true identity and self-respect, its a shattering influence capable of ruining a whole souls and Blindspotting crave all this widely in its picture.

By referring to this as an intelligent movie, the dialogue can be a big prove for it. The dialogue in the three confronting scenes at the end (or can i say the salvation moments for collin), the using of rapping, despite the fact that i don't like rap, was probably the most successful choice in the movie (what was made by rapping in the final shot was stunning).

Before i stop writing, i have to mention that collin's dream in the court is my favorite scene in 2018!

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