The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Gorgeously looking, written and edited parody. I was captured by such sense of mockery and amazed by the development of the relationship between Abigail and Sara with all the cold heavy war between them and the state of queen, men and whole country in their hands; this is a very Yorgos Lanthimos picture in its core.

The poster is creative and honest to the movie, this is a very unconventional period-story where we can witness two leading women struggling to earn their place in the big palace and they are willing to use everything in their way to keep moving, this story is different though as they do actually reign not by coincidences nor by stumbling luckily in the hands of the prince charming .. no they are really scratching their way in life and bleed for it viciously till the last minute. It is also very complicated for that genre and adding a more refreshing daring quirky set of the royal atmosphere.

Olivia Colman and Emma Stone deserve Oscar nominations.

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