American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★★

My favourite movie of all time...
This is the kind of a movie that gets better every time you watch it. It is considered a cult classic for all the right reasons. A must watch American Psycho is about a self obsessed, wealthy New York investment banker Patrick Bateman, who hides his alterego an egotistical psychopath with lust for blood and constantly searching for an ultimate high, who murders people just to calm his psychotic urges.Things take an ugly turn for him when a cop begins to investigate the murders. But even then, Patrick can't seem to stop, pursuing his devilish hobby until the breaking point. This is one of the best portrayals of the life of a psychopath ever put on film.A must watch for movie loversChristian Bale as the American Psycho is unforgettable. For me it is his best performance till date.