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  • The Kid Detective

    The Kid Detective


    Adam Brody was really good in this movie as a failure of his own making. Abe character arch was perfectly written until the very end when I first thought they made it all to happy endingish, to then twist it in the right direction.

  • Shithouse



    This movie made me think back to my student life. This was all about the two characters and I really liked it for it.

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  • Memento



    I pushed watching this movie back all the time cause I heard/read that Ghajini was based on this movie. After having seen The game the day before, I was finally craving some additional Mindf*uck.

    To get this out of the way, while Ghajini was good and felt fresh at the time Memento is a whole different animal. Now I feel like Ghajini tried to replicate the magic of Memento but didn't understand the essence of the movie. They tried to copy the starting point of Memento with the short term anterograde memory loss but didn't really see the endgame.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    I honestly expected this movie to fail. So many characters, that it should have been impossible, to have enough screentime for each one. But the Russo-Brothers actually did it and it was really good at the same time.
    The movie felt like an actual comicbook with parallel storylines and everything.
    Sadly the post credit scene puts the ending into uncertainty and thus it doesn't have the impact it deserves.