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“Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels.”- Roger Ebert

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  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    The Picture of Dorian Gray


    It seems like it would be a monumental task to adapt "The Picture of Dorian Gray".Dorian Gray is stunningly beautiful; the entire plot revolves around that, but attractiveness is subjective. You need every single person watching to think that Dorian is attractive and I don't think there's any actor with the right looks. With the book, a person reads Oscar Wilde's descriptions and then creates their own image. You can't do that with a movie.

    While it's not a faithful…

  • The Go-Between

    The Go-Between


    Very reminded of "Atonement". I was not surprised to learn that Ian McEwan is a fan of the novel version of "The Go-Between". The new edition has a quote blurb describing how much he loved the book when he read it as a teenager. I would also love to know if Joe Wright has seen this movie and/or read the book.

    While "Atonement" is a very emotional affecting film, I found myself not as moved by "The Go-Between". It was…

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  • Wuthering Heights

    Wuthering Heights


    Look, I'm not one who finds 'Wuthering Heights" romantic, in fact, to me it's decidedly unromantic, but I'm woman enough to admit that "He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same". GOES OFF. That's such a banger of a line.

  • Two English Girls

    Two English Girls


    Timothee Chalamet wants what Jean-Pierre Leaud has.