What's Up, Doc? ★★★★

I used to be really dismissive of What’s Up, Doc? I would write it off with a “Just watch Bringing Up Baby.” I WAS SUCH AN IDIOT. I need to go back in time and beat myself up for my dumb opinions. 

I had such a good experience with this rewatch. I showed the movie to my younger sister for the first time. She adored it, saying that if she had a Letterboxd she would give it five stars. It was fun to watch her laugh. She tried to keep track of the bags and did a pretty good job. 

What’s Up, Doc? doesn’t take as much from Bringing Up Baby as I originally thought. It files off the serial numbers and splashes in stuff from The Lady Eve, My Man Godfrey and does it’s own thing. It has its own sense of humor. What’s Up, Doc? is very of the 70s. In 1972 it would have felt modern. A lot of the supporting characters are played by actors who would go onto Mel Brooks movies. 

Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand are both extremely charming. Madeline Kahn, she’s got a point she’s an icon she’s a legend and she is the moment. It’s an outstanding debut. 

It’s kinetic and manic, and Peter Bogdanovich does a great job of sustaining the energy. The mania isn’t overwhelming and stressful. The characters aren’t shrill (even Madeline Kahn is more neurotic and pathetic than annoying). The movie is actually rather calming for some reason??? There’s the sense that everyone is having fun. 

If you have watched this movie and not Bringing up Baby, Please go and watch Bringing up Baby. 

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