Blindspotting ★★★★½

“You monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town!”

In America now for the last few years, its had a police-killing-unarmed-black-men problem, you can count on hearing a story like that in every major urban city, ad nauseum. Why? No matter what someone says when regarding the character of that individual, they haven't done anything that deserves death, yet so many unarmed men, who are black, are being slain on the streets. Blindspotting doesn't offer a answer to that question, but it doesn't have to in order to get right into the heart of the issue. This movie also happens to be a buddy comedy too, and in has a sense of humor rooted in observation, character, and scenario that along with this heavy topical subject can make for some pretty choppy tones. But Daveed Diggs, and Rafael Casal, the two men staring and writing the script of this movie nail every scene and beat (at least what i saw), this is a comedy drama that performs a balancing act that carries these two factors and deliver to the finish line this important and necessary film about this important American topic and issue that also captures charming and sweet beats. It does so by making what our main protagonist, Collin, contemplate, feel, and think, be personal, to him, and the people he cares about. Its in a way a redemption tale, a story with a smaller scope and smaller means, but its as well as a powerful story of authoritative inequality, urban gentrification, lost identity and purpose, and the ever growing rift that is race in america. Blindspotting does this with a story involving authentic characters, great performance, smart and detailed direction, and the blend of all those factors into one of the best films of 2018, there are more films like these to come, and Blindspotting deserves to be noticed as one of the most eye opening, its a call to change how we see each other, and how what we see may or may not be all it tells. (I'll be honest, the movie theater i saw this in ahd the upper half of the movie covered in a black drape for the first 20 minutes, so i kind of missed out of the first act, what a shame, hope to see it soon)

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