Ibraheem Husseiny

Ibraheem Husseiny

a cinephile in a very cinematic yet very cinema-less part of the world.

Favorite films

  • Atonement
  • Persona
  • The Long Day Closes
  • Dekalog

Recent activity

  • The Green Knight

  • Free Guy

  • The Queen's Gambit

  • Office Space

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  • Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

    Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet


    I. Dogs Have No Hell: the second time I watch an Aki Kaurismäki, with his very apparently choreographed performers and engineered camera movements invoking a very old cinema, and adding his own thing to it: unfathomable script. I don't know what is this or what is its relation to the theme of "time".

    II. Lifeline: is probably my favourite segment of the Trumpet compilation, Víctor Erice made a heavily emotional segment on the passage of time, by simply observing different…

  • To Take A Wife

    To Take A Wife


    In the Mood for Love, Israeli style.

    this isn't the typical feminist tale of the oppressed woman, Viviane is not weak, she emanates power. she talks back, she hits her husband, she defies him in every thing and condemns his silence. she does all that, because in truth she's powerless. she does all that because she's caged. a prisoner to this dead marriage (perhaps it never even lived) just like Eliyahu is the prisoner of his perfectly callous nature, Ronit…