Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

I finally watched it and all I wanna say is: I might wanna adopt that kid.

It's really hard to make a movie about something so serious like the Holocaust and not make it painful to watch, but Jojo Rabbit is actually so pure and wonderful.
I honestly don't know why it's hard for some people to understand that they didn't do this to make fun of what happened during that time or to romantize such pieces of shit like Hitler or the Nazis.
The message is clear from the very beginning, where they show us just a 10 YEAR-OLD!! boy who doesn't even know how to tie his shoe laces yet, saying he was ready to serve and give up his life for his country “and savior”, because that's what they taught and brainwashed him with.
It makes me upset when I see people trashing this movie, even after having watched him grow up and finally having a mind of his own, by being friends and taking in what it was considered his worst enemy (a Jew).
Like, you're truly stupid if you didn't get and and you also have no heart if you didn't like it.

@ Taika Waititi: The final scene with Heroes by David Bowie playing in the background? Such a smart move.