Wonder Woman 1984

I unfortunately have a high tolerance threshold for propaganda — I enjoy Brooklyn 99, Saving Private Ryan, hell, even the first Wonder Woman! — but watching what was meant to be a rousing, irony-free hero set piece where the real life ex-IDF soldier/Destroyer of Gaza rescues two Egyptian children in hijab from a convoy of Evil Brown Guys was just too much. Brain is still leaking out of my ears.

UPDATE: ok I have  returned from my 12 hour Brain Healing seminar and finally finished this and the moral of the story is...don’t wish for a better world?! That the status quo is Truth?!? That better things aren’t possible?!? That all of the global human immiseration is tolerable as is?! The face of the infamous Imagine video said fuck imagining a moral, egalitarian existence?!?! Gahhhhhhhhxnskslmsklslzm

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