Thirst ★★★★

Absolutely unhinged. I have yet to meet a Park Chan-wook movie I don't love. The score is amazing, the script, while confusing at times, mixes politics, horror, and comedy all quite well while creating suspenseful moments that made me squeal. Song Kang-ho is brilliant as always and Kim Ok-bin gives a performance that is rivaled by few others in the horror genre. It isn't overdone, but rather just right.

With any vampire movie you're going into it expecting some degree of camp and ridiculousness, and luckily PCW leans into the expectations and the tropes and manages to give us a debate about the morality of being a vampire. If anything, watch this for the final 5 minutes alone. I am not a casual horror fan, but this movie might have converted me. The sound design and his use of birds eye view shots are so inspiring. Absolutely paralyzing from beginning to end.

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